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Toronto’s premier chiropractic clinic for people and their pets

Animal Chiropractic

As a compliment to veterinary care, animal chiropractic is a gentle and effective manual therapy aimed at correcting joint, disc and soft tissue disorders that affect our pets. Just like humans, spinal mobility issues in animals can interfere with the function and performance of the nervous system.


People Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a hands-on therapy that focuses on the health and function of the spine and nervous system. The spine acts as the body’s foundation which supports and protects our nervous system, and the nervous system controls every single cell in the body – allowing us to move, breath, eat, smile, and function day-to-day. 


Animal Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment modality gaining popularity in the animal rehabilitation industry for its’ significant ability to help both acute and chronic conditions. Therapeutic lasers send concentrated light energy deep into the tissues of the body to promote beneficial physiological changes at a cellular level. These changes accelerate the body’s ability to repair damage and regenerate tissues while providing a non-pharmacological option for treating pain. 



  • Dr. Taron is amazing! She has really helped my dog with his luxating patella. He was limping heavily for weeks until we brought him in. The day after her treatment it was significantly better!! I was worried he was steps away from surgery. She is truly talented!

    thumb Pamela
    June 22, 2021
  • Amazing Doctors with magic hands! My puppy came in injured and the team at the The Dog Joint came in clutch. Puppy is now walking normally!

    thumb Alexander G
    February 22, 2021
  • This is my 2 year old papillon-chihuahua named Rui. Rui was diagnosed with grade 3 luxating patella, and I had some mixed opinions from 3 different vets regarding the success of a surgery. Basically the opinion was "It could help, but it's not guaranteed that it won't make the knees worse". At her current stage, her quality of life WITH the luxating patella was great, so I couldn't risk the surgery making it worse. I sought out the help of The Dog Joint after seeing that they do house calls. Even with his busy schedule, Dr. Landry accommodated Rui for a house call, because I am immunocompromised and really wanted to avoid risking catching COVID-19 or even a simple cold by taking the TTC. Rui is a very high-strung dog to put it nicely, but Dr. Landry earned her trust pretty quickly! 1 was very impressed with his professionalism, and his ability to thoroughly assess her condition. He laid out a short term treatment plan for us for the next few weeks, and even let me know that there are exercises I can do with her on my own to strengthen her glutes. Thank you for the great first appointment!

    thumb Mari Jang
    November 22, 2020
  • Although I am aware that this will sound dramatic to many, this place has saved our lives this year. When our dog was diagnosed with a condition that neurosurgeons said would require multiple MRIs and never going on long walks again we were devastated. Thankfully someone mentioned this magical place and after doing extensive research we made an appointment. Dr. Taron Carruthers has, quite literally, changed the direction of our little old lady's life. Not only that, she is calm, attentive and feels like a member of the family almost immediately. Just this past week she brought us the MOST JOY EVER by fitting our gal in after she hurt herself playing at the beach. Any dog owner knows the feeling of your dog getting "back to normal" after an injury and this morning, as our pooch shook off sleep as soon as she woke up, I knew that was all the work of the incredibly talented Taron. We cannot thank her enough. If your pooch is having a hard time getting around, make an appointment. And then, I know, without a doubt, you'll be here writing another 5-star review (only because there is not a 10-star option).

    thumb Tiffany Astle
    November 22, 2020
  • Dr. Taron has literally transformed my older mini schnauzer Felice. 💗 My vet Dr. Paris at Toronto West Holistic Vet recommended Taron and I can see why. Felice had been having Chiro care elsewhere but we were unsatisfied. Not only is Felice walking/moving better than she was (16 yrs plus) under the earlier care, her posture is phenomenal AND they are located closer to home and give discounts for rescue dogs. Dr. Taron is super professional, the offices are super clean and stylish and she treats Felice as if she were her own. She tells me what to look for to judge Felice's progress and is honest with how often she needs to come for treatment. Fabulous service, kind and also great parking available.

    thumb Carol Jones
    November 22, 2020
  • Can’t recommend Dr. Landry enough, extremely impressed with the treatment my dog has received thus far. If you are looking for a chiropractor for your dog or cat (or even yourself, although I can’t speak from experience in this regard) I highly recommend this practitioner/office. One thing to consider when deciding between this office and an animal rehab facility (which I do currently use as well) is the availability of the practitioner, as most likely at an animal rehab facility the chiropractor will be in once, maybe twice a week, and typically when you have reached the point of needing this type of service for your dog they are most likely initially going to need several appointments booked close together to optimize treatment. I was able to easily book my initial consult/treatment online and emailed relevant reports and xrays from my vet, I set up subsequent visits in office. The office is an easy 20 min drive from downtown Toronto. Dr. Landry has also made the time to make recommendations on products when asked for his opinions (balance disc we can use at home for strengthening exercises, options to help grip to prevent slipping on floor) but only when asked and since he doesn’t sell anything in office he has even supplied me with the amazon links. I brought my dog in for hind leg weakness with no confirmed diagnosis, although degenerative myelopathy and degenerative disc disease were on the table, most notably at the time we had our first visit she was having substantial difficulty in getting herself from a laying/sitting to standing position and had taken to barking to get me to come get her up. After just one treatment, that night she was able to get up by herself. I am extremely optimistic about future treatments.

    thumb Jessica Range
    November 22, 2020
  • Dr. Taron - can’t say enough great things about her. She is AMAZING. There is by far no one like her that I have ever met for my dogs. And I have rescued many, many dogs in my life. She came to my home since my dog was not mobile enough to get into a vehicle. I am honestly so blessed that she is helping care for him. We cannot wait to see her again! The absolute best!!!

    thumb Debbie Smith
    July 22, 2021